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Ivy Productions began life in live sound reinforcement with our appointment at The Synergy Project in 2008. And lo he did hear it was good. We’ve since enjoyed considerable growth with experience curating and effecting solutions across the public event, club, corporate, festival, theatre, installation and temporary events industry. This holistic, progressive approach gives us insight and adds texture, but where knowledge speaks, wisdom listens.

Every event is unique; a synthesis of human expression, celebration and technology. With each vision comes with it a particular set of requirements which we know can evolve, unfold or be struck entirely. This is where we come in…

A vitality and passion co-exist with our honesty, initiative, creative spark and technical know-how. These core values ensure we are equipped to advise, prepared to adapt, and ready to deploy the right combination of personnel, assets and equipment for any given brief. Three. Is the magic number.

“Music has always been a vibrant part of our social being. Sometimes it’s for emotional release. Sometimes it’s just plain fun.” – Steve Miller

Whatever the scale of your event, however ambitious or unusual the request, we are here to assist; drop us a line and let us doobie do.